Shaman !

Shaman Painting

SHAMAN / 39 x 39″ / 100x100cm

The Painting worked his way into my mind. I had no other choice than to let it come, and to let it talk to me.
I went on working, trying to stay quiet, not too inquisitive. One could have been hearing the brush rubbing on the fresco lime plaster.



This Fresco needs no word and no concept.
To me, it is a window!

Shaman – Details


Later on, as the fresco was achieved, I discovered a  music piece from “Hadouk Trio” : It seemed to me that the music was coming out of the painting, or even, that it was entering into it !
The piece is called “Shamanimal” and the live concert intro sounded prophetic to me :
“To the Shamanimal, Time looks like a Painting”!


(9 minutes. Make yourself comfortable and click on the image. It is worth the listening)
Shamanimal - The Album (Link on Amazon)