Campana Inversa Nigra


Sand and Gypse. Gravels and Earth. Lime, Marble, Wax.

Tribute to Antoni Tapies - The dark Matter

Still Fresco Painting!

 Campana Inversa Nigra / 39 × 39″ Fresco Painted Relief – Encaustic – Graphite – Hazló 2012



Tribute to Antoni Tapies

The Catalan painter Antoni Tàpies died in february 2012. He had a major influence over many contemporary artists.
When he was asked if he considered himself as a painter or rather as a sculptor, he answered that he was a poet, and that his works were not only art objects, but also magic ones.
During this short interview from 1994 (in French, sorry!!), he gives us with a few simple words the most important keys for the reading of his artistic message.
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