Fresco Painter in the 21st Century

Hazlo-Fresco Painter

Every Artist walks his own and unique way. On mine, as a Fresco Painter : Stones and rocks ! But limestone rocks !
Earth and Fire, Water and Air : The four basic elements are required for the transformation process of the little quicklime crystals.

But a fifth element too, is required.
Some call it Emptiness, some others The Void !
It is Everywhere. And it is Everything.
It is a point that someone can neither observe nor represent. A point with no reality. But a point from which arose the slightest of our stories. The slightest of our sighs. The only point that connects us all, like dots, on an endless line !

To me, any authentic creation starts there, and should be nothing but the result of a pretty dangerous diving. A diving into The Void !

Contemporary Fresco Art

Mais Tous les oiseaux – Fresco – Hazló 2007

Artists, and Fresco Artists as well, may often be influenced by the ancient masters however.
But they may also feel connected with contemporary, and more iconoclastic artistic approaches.

An identical respect will be shown here to Giotto, the great Renaissance Artist, or to some creators and artists of our era.

Anselm Kiefer, for instance, or Antoni Tàpies, who was an Artist, but a Shaman too.
Therefore I am often thinking that the kabbalistic signs Tàpies used to install on the painted surface could also be landing lights, for the brave one to come back home after an exploration flight above some very private inner landscape !