Vent de Sable


Sandstorm Painting

Vent De Sable / 28 x 28″ / Fresco and Casein Distemper / private coll. Hazló 2008

“Vent de Sable” (A Sandstorm in French) is a small fresco painting (27,5 x 27,5 inches). With the friendly help of a round nose trowel, several lime plaster coats were applied upon a rough hemp cloth stuck on a wooden panel, and then painted with a dispersion of oxides and colored earths in water (a fresco).
The movements in the color of the central horizontal part are supposed to illustrate an unusual event : a sandstorm.
And the upper and lower stripes are the gap through which one can observe it.
But from very close, it is to another kind of trip you will be invited.
I cannot prevent thinking of astronomy pictures then : The surface of Jupiter, and its mysterious moons, or Saturn, with its colored rings.
A kind of trip where nearness and infinitely big can merge together sometimes! Like all those worlds that are wandering inside us, continuously.


To Axel, who still walks around beside me “sul cammin’ della bellezza”.