Short Biographical Sketch  Contemporary Fresco Artists - Hazló

Born in 1954 and alternately

– A Gardener and a Garden Designer in Southern France in the late 70’s.
– A Saxophonist with a Rock and Roll band (“Raoul Petite”), strongly inspired by Frank Zappa’s music, touring through France and its neighboring European countries, during the 80’s and early 90’s.
– A Decorator having knowledge of the traditional painting techniques (lime based paintings and plasterings, distempers etc.) and practicing them during the late 90’s and for all the years 2000 in Provence, Southern France, for high standard houses renovation.

– A Fresco Painter, from the years 2000 up to now.

  • Involved in bringing the Traditional Fresco technique back to the status of a Contemporary Art discipline of its own.
  • Transposing the thousand-year-old Fresco Painting mineral process from mural into board painting, in order to create Mobile Frescoes, whether Abstract or Figurative